Apply Online to Join Pakistan Army as a Captain through Lady Cadet Course 25 in June 2024

Apply Online to Join Pakistan Army as a Captain through Lady Cadet Course 25 in June 2024.The Pakistan Army is inviting women to join as Captains through the Lady Cadet Course starting June 2024. This course is the first step for women interested in a military career. It covers a range of military training aspects and is offered at various times. Only female candidates from Punjab can apply for these government jobs. Successful applicants will embark on a fulfilling journey within the Pakistan Army. To secure these new positions in Pakistan in 2024, interested candidates must complete the application process. Joining the army as a Captain offers unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Qualification Requirements by Army Branches:

The preferred education requirement is a Bachelor’s degree, but other qualifications may also be considered.

  1. Corps of Engineers: Bachelor’s in Geo Informatics Engineering (BE).
  2. Corps of Signals: Bachelor’s in Electrical (Telecom), preferably MSEE Telecom.
  3. Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers: Bachelor’s in Bio Medical Engineering (BE).
  4. Aviation Fleet Management (Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers): Bachelor’s in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering or Avionic/Electrical Engineering (BE).
  5. Corps of Ordnance: Bachelor’s/BS in Textile Engineering (BE/BS).
  6. Army Education Corps: Master’s in English (MBS, 16 years of education), Master’s/BS in Maths (16 years of education).
  7. Corps of Signals/Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers/ICTO: Bachelor’s/BS in Software Engineering, preferably MS in Computer Science, or BE in Information Security/Cyber Security, preferably MSIS.

Join Pakistan Army as Captain in June 2024 Through Lady Cadet Course 25 Apply Online.

To apply for these jobs, female candidates must be between 18 and 28 years old and have a height of 5 feet (152.4 cm).

Visit the Pakistan Army’s official website for more information.

Interested candidates can apply online at www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk.

Make sure to complete the application fully to avoid rejection.

The selection process includes written/intelligence tests and preliminary medical tests conducted at Army Selection and Recruitment Centers.

Female candidates must also pass a physical test of running 1.6 km in 14 minutes.

Shortlisted candidates will be notified for Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) tests via the website and call-up letters.

To apply, interested individuals are encouraged to read the complete advertisement online via the official ARMY website.

This will provide detailed instructions on how to submit an application for these prestigious positions.

The latest advertisement, published in the Daily The News Newspaper on June 9, 2024, outlines the available positions and eligibility criteria.


These government jobs in the Pakistan Army are open to eligible candidates until July 2, 2024, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

Joining the Pakistan Army offers more than just a job; it provides a sense of purpose, honor, and the opportunity to serve your nation.

As an army captain or through direct short service commission, you will have the chance to make a meaningful impact on national security and contribute to the defense and prosperity of Pakistan.

The responsibilities of an army captain vary but often include leading troops, coordinating operations, and ensuring the safety and security of personnel under their command.

It’s a challenging yet rewarding role that requires dedication, leadership skills, and a commitment to upholding the values of the Pakistan Army.

Direct short service commission offers individuals the opportunity to serve in specialized roles for a limited period, typically ranging from three to five years. This option provides a unique chance to gain valuable experience, develop professional skills, and make a difference in a shorter timeframe.

Whether you aspire to a long-term career in the military or seek a temporary opportunity to serve your country, the Pakistan Army offers a range of options to suit your goals and ambitions.

By joining the ranks of the army, you become part of a proud tradition of service and sacrifice that dates back generations.

In addition to the intrinsic rewards of serving in the Pakistan Army, there are also practical benefits, including competitive salaries, comprehensive healthcare coverage, and opportunities for further education and career advancement.

As a member of the armed forces, you will receive training, support, and resources to excel in your role and achieve your potential.

Don’t miss out on this chance to embark on a meaningful and fulfilling career path with the Pakistan Army.

Apply now for the latest job opportunities in Lahore and other locations across Punjab, Pakistan. Your journey towards a rewarding career in the military starts here.

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