Latest Job Opportunities in Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEI) – 2024

Latest Job Opportunities in Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEI) – 2024

The Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEI) has announced an array of exciting job openings across multiple cities in Pakistan. Published on June 15, 2024, in a leading newspaper, these positions span various roles and locations, offering diverse career opportunities for individuals with different educational backgrounds. Below, you’ll find an overview of the available positions and the necessary qualifications for potential applicants.

Job Positions Available:

Technical and Skilled Positions:

  1. Carpenter – Ideal for those skilled in woodworking and carpentry tasks.
  2. Vehicle Mechanic – Suitable for candidates with expertise in vehicle repair and maintenance.
  3. Lab Assistant – For those with a science background, aiding in laboratory tasks.
  4. Lab Attendant – Assists in the maintenance and operation of lab equipment.
  5. Bus Conductor – Handles duties related to bus management and passenger assistance.
  6. Driver – Required to operate vehicles and ensure their safety.
  7. Mali (Gardener) – Involves maintaining and caring for gardens and green spaces.

Educational and Administrative Positions:

  1. Elementary School Teacher – Teaching opportunities for those passionate about educating young minds.
  2. Computer Instructor – Teaching computer skills and knowledge.
  3. Vocation Teacher – Focuses on vocational training and skill development.
  4. Assistant Librarian – Assists in managing library resources and services.
  5. Librarian – Manages library operations and helps users with their needs.
  6. Sewing Mistress – Teaches and oversees sewing activities and instruction.

Office and Support Staff:

  1. Steno Typist – Combines typing and shorthand skills to assist in administrative tasks.
  2. UDC (Upper Division Clerk) – Manages office tasks at a higher administrative level.
  3. LDC (Lower Division Clerk) – Handles routine clerical work and documentation.
  4. Data Entry Operator (DEO) – Manages data entry tasks efficiently.
  5. Store Keeper – Responsible for inventory management and storekeeping.
  6. Assistant – Supports various office and administrative functions.
  7. Accountant – Manages financial records and transactions.
  8. Admin Supervisor – Oversees administrative operations and staff.
  9. Naib Qasid – Provides office support and messenger services.
  10. Chowkidar (Watchman) – Ensures security and monitoring of premises.

Unique and Creative Roles:

  1. Band Master – Leads and manages musical bands, ideal for those with musical talent and leadership skills.
  2. Gop – A role involving specific operational tasks (details usually clarified in the job ad).

Eligibility Criteria:

Educational Requirements:

Candidates with the following educational qualifications are encouraged to apply:

  • Primary Education: Suitable for basic support roles.
  • Intermediate: Ideal for mid-level administrative and clerical positions.
  • Matric: Applicable for several entry and mid-level jobs.
  • Others: Includes vocational and specialized certifications.
  • B.Com, BA: For roles requiring a bachelor’s degree in commerce or arts.
  • DAE (Diploma of Associate Engineering): For technical and engineering roles.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Preferred for higher administrative and instructional positions.

Jobs Ad:

Latest Job Opportunities in Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEI) - 2024
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Latest Job Opportunities in Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEI) - 2024
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How to Apply:

Interested candidates can apply for these positions until July 8, 2024, or as specified in the job advertisement. It is crucial to read the complete advertisement online for detailed application procedures, eligibility criteria, and other requirements.


These positions are available in numerous cities across Pakistan, including:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Hangu
  • Sialkot
  • Mandi Bahauddin
  • Karachi
  • Peshawar
  • Attock
  • Haripur
  • Abbottabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Jhelum
  • Kotli
  • Islamabad
  • Multan
  • Lahore
  • Kharian
  • Mardan
  • Mianwali
  • Jhang
  • Nowshera
  • Khushab
  • Kohat
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Hyderabad


This is a golden opportunity for job seekers to join the Federal Government Educational Institutions in various capacities. Whether you’re skilled in technical trades, administration, or education, there’s a position that could match your expertise and career aspirations. Be sure to apply by the closing date and follow the application instructions carefully to secure your chance to be part of these prestigious institutions.

For more details and to view the complete job advertisement, please visit the official website or the specific newspaper listing.

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