Today Jobs in  Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Lahore,

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Are you looking for an opportunity to serve your community while pursuing a rewarding career? Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, has announced vacancies for various management positions. If you have the required qualifications and a passion for making a difference, this could be your chance to join a dedicated team committed to saving lives and ensuring public safety.

Jobs Position Available at Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Lahore,

including rescue driver, assistant controller examination, LTV driver, enforcement officer, emergency officer law, superintendent examinations, computer programmer, photographer, emergency officer fire safety, deputy director project evaluation, computer operator, cameraman, and deputy director monitoring enforcement.

The advertisement for these positions was published in the Daily Nawaiwaqt Newspaper on June 2, 2024.


To be considered for these roles, candidates should possess various educational qualifications ranging from intermediate, MCS, B.E, LLb, Bachelor, MBA, Matric, to Master’s degrees. While these qualifications are preferred, individuals with equivalent educational backgrounds and relevant experience are also encouraged to apply.

How to Apply Deadline:

The deadline for applications is June 24, 2024, or as per the closing date specified in the newspaper advertisement. Interested individuals are advised to read the complete advertisement online via CTSPAK to understand the application process and requirements in detail.

Apply Link: www.rescue.gov.pk

Working with Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 offers more than just a job; it provides an opportunity to serve the community in times of need. As a rescue driver or emergency officer, you’ll be at the forefront of emergency response, providing timely assistance to those in distress. Your efforts could mean the difference between life and death for someone in need.

For those interested in administrative roles such as assistant controller examination or superintendent examinations, you’ll play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization’s operations. Your expertise will contribute to maintaining high standards of service delivery and efficiency within the department.

Furthermore, positions like computer programmer, computer operator, and photographer offer opportunities for individuals with technical skills to utilize their talents in support of emergency services. Your contributions in these roles will help enhance the technological capabilities of Rescue 1122, enabling better coordination and communication during emergencies.

If you have a passion for firefighting and fire safety, the position of emergency officer fire safety presents a chance to make a significant impact in preventing and managing fire-related incidents. Your knowledge and training will be instrumental in safeguarding lives and property from the dangers of fire outbreaks.

Additionally, for those with project evaluation and monitoring expertise, roles such as deputy director project evaluation and deputy director monitoring enforcement offer opportunities to contribute to the strategic development and oversight of Rescue 1122 initiatives.

In conclusion, the latest management posts at Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 present exciting opportunities for individuals seeking meaningful careers in public service. Whether you’re interested in frontline emergency response, administrative roles, technical positions, or strategic management, there’s a role for you to play in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this noble endeavor – apply today and join the dedicated team at Rescue 1122 in Lahore.

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